September/October 2022

On The Cover

Junes designs reusable bags that are “cute, foldable and affordable” with sustainabilty in mind. Its signature fabric, branded as bio-knit®, is made from recycled plastic bottles and CiCLO® Technology to reduce the persistence of man-made microfiber pollution.

Executive Forum

Quality Fabic Of The Month

Nike Forward: Changing The Paradigm

With athlete performance and sustainability in mind, Nike’s Forward platform focuses on needlepunching for apparel creation. By Rachael S. Davis, Executive Editor Nonwovens are a relatively...

From The Editor

Head-On Solution For The Microplastic Challenge

By Jim Borneman, Editor In Chief In this issue of Textile World, the cover story, “CiCLO®: Just One Arrow In The Microfiber Pollution Solution Quiver”...

Yarn Market

Demand Declines, Consumer Expectations Remain Low

By Jim Phillips, Yarn Market Editor After a string of months in which demand for U.S-made yarns remained remarkably high, especially considering inflation rates and...


September/October 2022

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