Tonello Presents Evolution 3

Italy-based Tonello S.r.l. recently introduced the Evolution 3, a new generation of washing and dyeing machines. The technology was developed with reduced water and energy consumption, increased productivity, and lower maintenance costs in mind. According to the company, the updates result in energy savings of up to 20 percent compared to previous generation machines.

Improvements include: high efficiency motors; an optimized transmission with high-efficiency belts for improved durability; a more compact design; new inverters for motor control to reduce stress and vibration; and electronic boards designed to withstand even the most harsh laundry and dyeing plant conditions. The machines are constructed using premium materials, such as AISI 316L stainless steel; and quality construction methods, such as drum welds created by high-precision anthropomorphic robots.

The Evolution 3 range is designed to handle future technology updates, and is compatible with accessories and kits, and the Metro and Mago Site Manager software programs.

September/October 2022