July/August 2020

On The Cover:

Laser technology from Italy-based Tonello S.r.l. can be used to create accurate and natural, authentic vintage effects on denim.

Executive Forum

NCTO’s New Chairman: David Roberts

Cap Yarns CEO brings a keen perspective and deep industry knowledge to NCTO leadership in a time of major challenges and change. TW Special Report Cap...

Cotton News

COTTON NEWS: The Proof to Meet Your Promises

A new data-driven and verifiable standard for more sustainably-grown cotton Sponsored Content Consumers are expecting more from their go-to brands and retailers. Customer demand for brands...

Quality Fabric Of The Month

Quality Fabric Of The Month: Effective Combination

University study showed face mask made using ProCool® and Zorb 3D fabrics from AKAS was highly effective in blocking transmission of virus-like particles. By Rachael...

From The Editor

U.S. Textiles: COVID-19 Impact

By Jim Borneman, Editor In Chief So much has changed in so little time. Just six short months ago Textile World editors were busy reporting...

Business & Financial

Yarn Market

Yarn, Fabric Manufacturers Critical In COVID Fight

By Jim Phillips, Yarn Market Editor If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed about the U.S. industrial complex, it is that there...

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July/August 2020

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July/August 2020