May/June 2021

On The Cover

Glen Raven recently issued its first corporate sustainability report, but has long participated in sustainable initiatives. Its RETWEED mid-century modern and tweed-inspired fabric collection, created in partnership with Richard Frinier and introduced in 2020, is made using up to 93-percent recycled content.

Photograph courtesy of Glen Raven Inc.

Executive Forum

Corporate Sustainability In Flight

Glen Raven’s CEO Leib Oehmig discusses the company’s first corporate sustainability report, “Continuing A Pattern Of Good” TW Special Report Founded in 1880, Glen Raven Inc.,...

Cotton News

COTTON NEWS: Sustainable Shopping Post Pandemic

After COVID-19, brands and retailers seeking the data to prove their sustainability progress Sponsored Content Post-pandemic life may find the apparel industry at a crossroads. Sustainability...

Quality Fabric Of The Month

Stylish, Functional & Sustainable

Aqualung’s new XSCAPE collection was designed with the environment in mind from the sustainable fabric choices down to the eco-friendly packaging. By Rachael S. Davis,...

From The Editor

Earth Day Spawns Textile Sustainability Surge

By Jim Borneman, Editor In Chief This issue of Textile World attempts to capture the breadth of the textile industry’s burgeoning focus on sustainability. The issue...

Business & Financial

May/June 2021: Textile Activity At A Glance

May/June 2021

Yarn Market

May/June 2021: Business Leaders Optimistic

By Jim Phillips, Yarn Market Editor Nearly three quarters of manufacturers and distributors are optimistic about their business prospects in the next six months, according...


May/June 2021

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May/June 2021