Stylish, Functional & Sustainable

The new Aqualung XSCAPE wetsuit. Photograph courtesy of Alicia and Jim Ward/Aqualung

Aqualung’s new XSCAPE collection was designed with the environment in mind from the sustainable fabric choices down to the eco-friendly packaging.

By Rachael S. Davis, Executive Editor

France-based Aqualung, a global designer and manufacturer of dive and water sports gear, just launched the XSCAPE collection comprised of a wetsuit, rashguards and leggings
for water sports including snorkeling, freediving and paddling.

The 4+3 millimeter wetsuit is designed to be thicker in places where additional thermal protection is required, but flexibility is not an issue, such as in the torso; and slightly thinner in the arms, legs and armpits to increase flexibility in those areas of the body. The suits are for warm waters between 20 and 28°C.

The company’s goal was to create the “ultimate eco-friendly wetsuit.” With that in mind, Aqualung selected Yulex® rubber instead of traditional neoprene. The composite wetsuit material features the Yulex natural rubber core layer, which is laminated to XFlex™ polyester fabric using a water-based Aqua ™ glue. The XFlex fabric is made from 100-percent recycled material.

“Traceability in sustainability and confidence in high performance products led us to choose Yulex,” said Catherine Botalla, Wear R&D manager, Aqualung. “Yulex produces natural solid rubber from FSC®-certified forests [Forest Stewardship Council], meaning there is not deforestation, no pesticides and no human rights violations. The Yulex rubber we use is also cleaned from impurities, has little to no odor, improved elongation and protects against type 1 latex allergy.”

Additionally, the XSCAPE wetsuit comprises a ThermoShield™ chest panel — a fleece layer strategically placed on the chest for additional warmth; and SupraTex™ kneepads, for flexible, high-abrasion resistance. The wetsuit is constructed with double-glued, double-thread stitched seams that are sealed inside the suit for comfort and to prevent bursting.

Aqualung’s XSCAPE collection also features a rash guard and leggings for women. Photograph courtesy of Alicia and Jim Ward/Aqualung

The XSCAPE collection includes a coordinating long-sleeved rashguard and matching leggings for women, as well as a short-sleeved and long-sleeved rashguard for men. The rashguards, which may be worn as an additional layer under the wetsuit, protect from sunburn as well as jellyfish stings. The ultraviolet protective top and leggings are 85-percent polyester and 15-percent spandex, with the chloride-resistant polyester produced from 100-percent recycled plastic bottle material.

All products come in plastic-free packaging and carry recycled cardboard hangtags.

“Aqualung is committed to using environmentally-friendly materials and processes whenever possible to help reduce our carbon footprint, and we made design choices to ensure the XSCAPE collection was as sustainable as possible,” said Laurent Boury, senior vice president of Brands at Aqualung Group.

“The XSCAPE collection continues Aqualung’s legacy in innovation, and their tireless work to create the most forward thinking and eco-conscious dive company in the world,” said Aqualung global ocean ambassador Philippe Cousteau Jr., the grandson of one of Aqualung’s original founders, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau. “We all have the power to change the world with the choices we make, and the XSCAPE sets the new standard for wetsuits and rash guards that are stylish, functional and sustainable.”

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May/June 2021