November/December 2023

On The Cover

A garment printed using Israel-based Kornit Digital Ltd.’s award-winning MAX technology — which brings colorful new ideas to life for sustainable fashion and textiles — shown at a Kornit Fashion Week LA event

Photograph by Harel Rintzler

Quality Fabric Of The Month

Quality Fabric Of The Month: Unlocking Athlete Potential

Garments featuring Rheon Labs’ RHEON™ energy-absorbing super polymer help athletes perform at the top of their game. By Rachael S. Davis, Executive Editor Rheon Labs® originated with a...

From the Editor

Shows, Meetings, Events Dominate Textile Schedule

By James M. Borneman, Editor In Chief After a fairly manageable spring and summer 2023 schedule, Textile World editors saw no shortage of events fill...


November/December 2023

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November/December 2023