APDN Customizes DNA Suits, Teams With Bilcare To Offer New Security Solution

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN), a Stony Brook, N.Y.-based provider of DNA encrypted and embedded
authentication solutions, has successfully customized its first series of suits containing its
botanical SigNature® DNA marker. Each suit is manufactured in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, where it
is custom-made from woolen yarn, then woven and finished into a pinstripe fabric and made-up by a
master tailor. APDN reports its SigNature DNA marker, which is incorporated seamlessly into the
suit during manufacturing, withstood multiple launderings.

APDN also announced it has received its first order from U.K.-based Textile Centre of
Excellence as part of its participation in a multi-year contract, funded by the European Regional
Development Fund and Yorkshire Forward, in which APDN’s technology will serve as a security
(See ”
SigNature DNA Selected For European Anti-Counterfeit Program
,” Aug. 18, 2009)
. The order,
valued at approximately $50,000, begins the government’s three-year, $1,500,000 commitment to the

“This contribution is designed to generate significant additional investment from the private
sector, which should generate at least 2 million pounds over the three-year lifetime of the
program,” said Bill Macbeth, managing director, Textile Centre of Excellence.

In other company news, APDN and India-based Bilcare Technologies, developer of the
nonClonableID™ solution, have signed an agreement to market an integrated version of their
technologies to provide a unique multi-layered security for brand protection, anti-counterfeiting
and logistic and provenance control. The combination of technologies will enable the companies to
offer real-time identification, authentication and verification of marked products in the field as
well as forensic authentication of the items in the lab.

Marked products can be read by handheld scanners that have data stored on a secure remote
server, enabling items to be scanned from anywhere around the world using mobile phone connectivity
in real-time. Using the track-and-trace system, the client will be able to verify product’s
authenticity as well as its inspection, purchase and return history.

June 29, 2010