Schoeller’s NanoSphere® Earns Hohenstein Nanotechnology Quality Label

Switzerland-based Schoeller Textil AG’s NanoSphere® finishing technology has earned the
Germany-based Hohenstein Institutes’ Nanotechnology Quality Label.

The Hohenstein Institutes, an
independent research and service organization with agencies located around the world, focuses on
research, testing, consultation and certification related to technologies used in textile and
associated applications. In October 2005, the organization began to offer testing and certification
for nanotextiles and their suitability for daily use. Certification of the textiles is based on
their adherence to a strict definition of nanotechnology developed in conjunction with NanoMat, a
Germany-based nanomaterials network; and also on successful performance according to various
criteria including abrasion; water, oil and soil repellency; durability to washing; and skin

“There is considerable disquiet among retailers and consumers because according to the
advertising claims of manufacturers, ‘everything is somehow nano,’ and we had reason to believe
that this was not the case,” said Jan Beringer, Ph.D., head of the Intelligent Textiles Competence
Center of the Textile Services & Innovations Department, Hohenstein Institutes, and who is
responsible for the new quality label. “Our institute has been in existence for 60 years, and we
were among the founders of the Oeko-Tex Standard — a quality assurance system for toxin-tested
textiles …. With the nano quality label, in turn, we are taking a step into the future.”

Beringer said NanoSphere is the first nanotechnology to meet all the test requirements for
the Nanotechnology Quality Label. NanoSphere fabric samples retained their micro and nano
structures after 5,000 cycles in the abrasion test; and were highly hydrophobic, and had very good
oil and water repellency and oleophobia, even after 50 washing and drying cycles and reactivation
by brief ironing. The treated fabric also tested positively in regard to skin tolerance.

June 6, 2006