Lenzing Partners With NanoCarbons LLC To Develop New Activated Carbons For Energy Storage Systems

LENZING, Austria — January 10, 2013 — Lenzing AG and NanoCarbons LLC, Fort Lauderdale (Florida,
USA), will cooperate in the future to develop and explore the use of new activated carbons in
electrode technology. This technology is based on a combination of Lenzing’s TENCEL® fibers and the
technology provided by NanoCarbons LLC. After extensive research Lenzing constructed a new pilot
production facility to take the technology forward.

The jointly developed carbons should deliver optimal performance in the area of energy
storage. It is believed that these new carbons will accelerate the development of the already rapid
growth in uses of electrical devices such as double layer capacitors (also known as ultra
capacitors or super capacitors). These high performance capacitors are being increasingly used in
hybrid vehicles as well as with stop-start systems, uninterruptable power supplies and wind turbine
blade orientation.

“For Lenzing, the development of new, special applications in the technical segment comprises
an important extension of the use of our fibers”, says Peter Untersperger, Chief Executive Officer
of the Lenzing Group in commenting on the new partnership. “The strongly growing market for energy
storage devices is a promising market niche for us. With our TENCEL® fibers we will certainly
witness the development of a series of additional, highly interesting technical applications in the
coming years.”

Friedrich Weninger, COO of the Lenzing Group with management responsibility for research and
development, adds: “We are continuing to invest in new areas of research to increase the range and
reach of our product portfolio, both in-house and through external cooperation. The new carbons
optimally complement our existing business with separator materials for the energy storage devices.
We strongly believe in the future growth of this market. We are offering our customers a
sustainable product with consistent quality to allow the industry to develop further.”

Rud Istvan, CEO of NanoCarbons LLC, comments: “I strongly believe that this development will
allow the double layer capacitor market to make a significant advancement. With the combination of
Lenzing’s technical understanding and infrastructure and Nanocarbons’ technology, we can expect an
acceleration in the market uses and exploitation of double layer capacitors, from new automotive
stop-start systems to uninterruptable power supplies. This could be a breakthrough for electrode
technology that will reap dividends for the designers of electrical components and the drivers of
vehicles alike.”

Posted on February 19, 2013

Source: Lenzing