Design Trade Service Functions As A Full-Time Assistant To Interior Designers

DUNEDIN, Fla. — April 1, 2021 — Design Trade Service is a fast-growing resource exclusively for interior designers. The company offers interior designers with immediate access to complete catalogs from major furniture manufacturers and the lowest to-the-trade pricing. Additionally, with an ever-growing increase in e-commerce due to COVID-19, Design Trade Service provides a seamless process for interior designers to source from multiple vendors at once.

“Consumers, the designer’s clients, have increasingly turned to e-commerce to shop for and procure furniture so it has become increasingly important for designers to quickly provide competitive prices for their clients,” said Greg Wyers, president of Design Trade Service.

“Designers can combine multiple products from multiple manufacturers on the same order and DTS will provide all order and shipping information per item throughout the fulfillment process,” Wyers said. “DTS will also assist in addressing all shipping and manufacturing issues on behalf of the designer.”

The platform hosts a wide variety of well-known brands including, Loloi, Four Hands, Hooker, and many more.

As interior designer, Shannon Adamson shares, “If you are sourcing the majority of your furniture and product from retail vendors who also sell to your clients, you are missing out on a significant opportunity to offer your clients better prices for higher quality, more unique pieces while making more unique income for your business.”

Ultimately, designers are discovering how much time and money they can save by channeling multiple orders through one low-priced source and having one single point of contact for all follow up.

The platform offers free sign-ups for its DTS Premier Program or the DTS Pro Program at $29/mo or $299/yr. See here for more sign-up information:

Posted April 13, 2021

Source: Design Trade Service