The Rupp Report: Rieter ITMA 2015 Preview

Rieter writes, “In addition to the key issues for the competitiveness of spinning mills, the company is offering value-adding innovations at the ITMA 2015 such as Internet usage for optimizing the entire system, new machine generations for preparatory and end spinning as well as corresponding spare parts and after sales services.”
All three Rieter business groups are showing their product and service innovations for complete systems, spinning preparation and end spinning process under their trademarks Rieter, Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Süssen.
SPIDERweb Mill Control System
The Rieter SPIDERweb Mill Control System is said to be “the only system on the market which uniformly covers the entire spinning mill from fiber to yarn and for all four spinning technologies – not only for new machines but also for older generations.” The system is configurable for individual requirements. It stores and monitors the quality and production of all Rieter spinning systems. Subsequent enhancements can be upgraded.
For the first time, Rieter is showing a mobile solution that “not only provides an overview of the data of the spinning mill, but also offers a configurable alarm function. With six new modules respectively functions, it opens the door to an Internet-based, intelligent spinning mill control.” Rieter reports the system offers the following advantages:
permanently monitored sliver and yarn quality
incorporated expertise
optimal allocation of operating personnel
support for systematic preventative maintenance
fact-based and quick reaction to deviations,
increase in plant availability and productivity. 
Rieter is presenting new After Sales service products at the ITMA such as audits for comprehensive system analysis and improvements. It offers spinning mill audits that identify feasible short-term opportunities for improvements and create measurable results for customers.
New Functions Of The High-Performance Card
The C 70 high-performance card claims to achieve excellent yarn quality at the highest production rates for all yarn applications. The carding gap is controlled by means of precise flats guidance and with the working width of 1.5 meters achieves the largest active carding area on the market.
New Package For Man-Made Fibers Processing
The new, very easily removable web bridge in a special package for the processing of man-made fibers is said to “allow trouble-free cleaning and an immediate restart of the card.” The second function in the package is the unique chute control with air pressure, which simplifies the processing of man-made fibers. This enables the C 70 card to achieve high carding performance with synthetic fibers and as a result, good running properties in spinning.
New Combing Set
The new combing set consists of a new combing preparation machine, E 36 OMEGAlap, which is able to feed six new E 86 combers. With an output of 540 kilogram per hour and therefore the supply of almost 25,000 ring spindles, Rieter claims that the set reaches the highest production output on the market. A new function simplifies setting and optimization of the noil rate. This is made possible by the new FlexComb circular comb from Graf.
Comber Conversions
For older generations of combers, Rieter offers conversion kits that improve the productivity and yarn quality and make a reduction of the noil rate possible. Rieter is demonstrating how quickly such a conversion can be realized and what economic advantages the customer can in consequence achieve.
New Double-head Autoleveller Draw Frame
All autoleveller draw frames from Rieter use the same dynamic autolevelling system for sliver uniformity, even at high delivery speeds of 1100 meters per minute. The ECOrized” suction system on the new RSB-D 24 double-head autoleveller draw frame claims to lower the energy consumption. On the other hand, older draw frame generations can also be retrofitted with the suction system. A new sliver sensor, patent pending, makes a high quality in sliver coiling already possible from the first meters following a can change.
Together with the SB-D 22 double-head draw frame without levelling, a double-head line is said to require 50 percent less space and therefore — compared with a line of single-head draw frames — also saves costs.
New Automated Rotor Spinning Machine
Rieter is presenting the new R 66 rotor-spinning machine which is said to make yarn production even more economical.  A higher yarn production per square meter is obtained with longer machines. Rieter now produces a length of up to 700 spinning positions possible. The new machine length should reduce the costs for the entire rotor spinning system.
New Spin Box
The new S 66 spin box is the heart of the new R 66 rotor-spinning machine. Compared with the S 60, the S 66 claims to achieve higher speeds for improved economy at the same yarn tenacity and yarn uniformity. The new replaceable CHANNELpass simplifies the optimization for different raw material. New functions also simplify operation and accelerate the replacement of technology components. The new electro-mechanical yarn traverse simplifies the setting of the winding angle for a wide range of applications, for reliable package flanks and good unwinding behavior.
With the ANTIstatic TWINdisc, the CHANNELpass, the clip-on opening roller or complete sets for box modernization, the Swiss manufacturer offers solutions that “allow a quick response to changed market requirements. Time and energy savings as well as production increases lead to a better return.”
Optimized Air-Jet Spinning Machine
With the J 26, Rieter extends the application range for air-jet technology and presents an additionally optimized machine.
With the processing of polyester, the challenge lies in the deposits of spinning finish and co-polymers. For this reason, Rieter now offers the option P 26, which it says significantly extends the time between the necessary cleaning operations. A new option is the application of six robots on the machine. This allows applications that imply a higher rate of ends down or quality cuts to be processed.
The majority of air-jet yarns are later processed to knitted fabrics that require a softer touch. To this end, new technology components and setting parameters were developed.
Yarn Clearer Option For Air-Jet Spinning
The Q 10 A yarn clearer in rotor spinning has been further developed for air-jet spinning. Based on an accurate monitoring of yarn structure, hairiness and yarn diameter, it interprets “not only the standard functions but also the yarn tenacity.”
Options For Compact Spinning
Now with 1,824 spinning positions, the K 46 Com4 compact spinning machine increases the production per square meter in the spinning mill. The system range enables optimal machine layout and process workflows from the fiber to the finished yarn, even with these long compact machines. Also a quality package for better yarn quality for the K 46 that leads to a significant improvement of the quality parameters CVm and IPI is available. It is said to be “an ideal supplement for spinning mills with high quality requirements.”
New Suction System For Long Machines
Rieter says that the energy consumption per kilogram of spun yarn from its compacting system with suction drum today already lies far below that of apron systems. The new double-sided suction system ECOrized for long compact spinning machines now claims to further reduce the energy consumption.
Optimized Ring-Spinning Machine
The G 32 ring-spinning machine is now available is a revised version with a maximum length of 1,824 spindles and with the innovative suction tube ECOrized. In addition, a quality package for improvement of the yarn quality, a flexible change between S and Z twist and a special package for the processing of polyester are available. The best fit for this package says Rieter, is the new traveller STARLETplus from Bräcker. Moreover, the reliability of the machine has been further improved.
Also the G 32 ring-spinning machine can now be retrofitted with the suction tube ECOrized. This also applies to the machines G 33, G 35, G 36. The conversion with the suction tube ECOrized claims to allow “sustainable energy and cost savings.”
At ITMA 2015, the Rieter Group will exhibit in Hall 2, Booth A106

October 13, 2015