The Hosiery Association Announces It Will Close Its Doors

CHARLOTTE — November 13, 2013 — The Hosiery Association has issued a letter announcing it will
close its doors at the end of the year. The letter is reproduced below:


It is with mixed emotions that we share with you that The Hosiery Association’s (THA) Board
of Directors has voted to dissolve this 108 year-old organization effective December 31,
2013.  Economic volatility and increased globalization of the hosiery industry has caused
consolidation within the membership. Additionally, the membership demographics have changed. Some
companies have diversified the types of products they sell (both hosiery/non-hosiery). Most
companies have fewer employees and time for active involvement in association activities has become
more challenging. The requested needs and services within the current membership have become


All of these factors have caused a steep decline in THA’s membership over the last several
years resulting in a drop in revenue that has left the Association unable to sustain
itself.   While the decision was a hard one to make, we believe it is the right one given
the circumstances.   Change is not always easy, but it does often provide new


Many of you know that THA has been in talks with The American Apparel and Footwear
Association (AAFA) regarding opportunities for AAFA to serve THA’s membership in the future. 
As a result of our talks with them, AAFA is forming a Legwear Committee and has invited all current
THA member companies to become AAFA members.  


The ownership and management of THA’s sock/sheer sizing forms will be transferred to The
Hosiery Technology Center (HTC), now known as the Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) effective
December 1, 2013. The MSC has long been a champion for the hosiery industry and a valuable partner
to THA.  The MSC played a vital role in developing the sizing form programs and we are pleased
that it will continue this service which is invaluable to the hosiery industry worldwide. 


Lastly,  we’d like to thank you for your years of interest and support of THA and wish
you the best of luck.


Kind regards,

Rich Stober, Chairman, THA

and Sally Kay, President, THA

Posted November 19, 2013

Source: The Hosiery Association