ATTIRE Act Reintroduced

U.S. Representatives David Price, D-N.C., and Howard Coble, R-N.C., have reintroduced in the House
of Representatives the American Textile Technology Innovation and Research for Exportation (ATTIRE)
Act (H.R. 937).

The bill would provide $5 million in competitive grants to fund research and innovation in
the U.S. textile industry, which contributes $60 billion to the national economy and employs more
than 500,000 people. Eligible recipients would include educational and nonprofit research
institutions involved in high-tech textile research and development projects.

“The level of innovation we’re seeing in the textile industry is very promising,” Price
said. “Innovation is key to the future health and competitiveness of the American textile industry.
Critical federal investments in research and development help our domestic textile manufacturers
stay a step ahead of global competition. The ATTIRE Act will help ensure the next generation of
high-tech fabrics is made in the United States.”

May/June 2013