Massif In Partnership With Gore® Military Fabrics Introduces New Massif® Battleshield™ And Battleshield X™ Flame Resistant Fabrics

ELKTON, Md. — January 15, 2013 — Massif, in partnership with the Military Fabrics Division of W. L.
Gore & Associates, announces the commercial introduction of Massif® Battleshield™ and Massif
Battleshield X™ fabrics, two revolutionary new nylon-faced, flame resistant, water resistant
laminates for the military and tactical markets. Nylon garments have a long history of field-proven
outdoor performance, yet have never before provided adequate flame resistance. Massif Battleshield
and Battleshield X fabrics offer a shift in FR protection by combining filament nylon-faced
laminates with exceptional FR protection.

Massif Battleshield and Battleshield X fabrics provide excellent durability, water
resistance, breathability, flame protection, stretch, and warmth-to-weight ratio. There is simply
nothing like the Battleshield fabrics on the market; they perform as well as other non-FR outdoor
fabric in the industry and provide exceptional flame protection.

Massif Battleshield and Battleshield X feature GORE® FR stretch technology, which
dramatically increases breathability while simultaneously improving water repellency and water
entry pressure. The result is an extremely durable, highly breathable fabric with a superior
warmth-to-weight ratio that is very water resistant and fully flame resistant.

“Gore has played a pivotal role in providing best in class durable, breathable and
environmentally protective products to the U.S. military,” says Mark Miller, Product Specialist at
Gore. “We are excited to be working with Massif and bringing this product line to the warfighting
community. Unlike any other flame-resistant, water resistant softshell fabrics, Massif Battleshield
and Battleshield X fabrics featuring GORE® FR stretch technology compete with the very best
technical performance softshell fabrics on the market today.”

Over the past year, every branch of the United States military has been evaluating either
Massif Battleshield or Battleshield X fabrics. “We’re getting some very exciting feedback from our
military partners,” said Dave Bywater, Vice President of Government Sales at Massif. “It’s
gratifying to be able to provide garments and fabrics that increase comfort and durability, improve
life cycle costs, and provide the best flash-fire protection possible for our soldiers.”

Some of the key benefits of Massif Battleshield and Massif Battleshield X fabrics are:

  • Breathability/Comfort — With unsurpassed breathability, Massif Battleshield and Massif
    Battleshield X fabrics can dramatically increase the warfighter’s overall comfort. In high-activity
    situations Massif’s unique fabrics, in combination with Gore’s breathable, stretch membrane, reduce
    overheating and chilling from moisture retention and reduces user fatigue, ultimately keeping
    soldiers dryer, safer, and more effective in a wider range of situations and temperatures.
  • Durability -—The nylon face fabric of Massif Battleshield and Massif Battleshield X fabrics
    provide superior durability when compared to traditional FR fabrics on the market today. In fact,
    for its weight, Battleshield is likely the most durable FR fabric on the market today. This extreme
    durability can significantly reduce life cycle costs as compared to other FR materials.
  • Weather Protection/Water Resistance — Massif Battleshield and Massif Battleshield X fabrics
    provide exceptional water resistance by combining Gore’s breathable, stretch membrane with a
    technically superior face fabric that will not absorb or retain water as with conventional
    cellulosic-based fabrics.
  • Stretch/Functionality — With multidirectional stretch, a key feature of any high- quality
    outdoor garment, Massif Battleshield and Massif Battleshield X fabrics offer excellent mobility and
  • Flame Resistance/Burn Protection — These truly revolutionary synthetic fabrics have all of the
    benefits of high-quality outdoor softshell fabrics while meeting the stringent requirements of ASTM
    F2302/ASTM D6413 and showing extremely low Burn Injury Prediction when tested on a manikin per ASTM

Massif will begin using Massif Battleshield and Massif Battleshield X fabrics in its Massif®
Elements™ Tactical Jacket. Plans for using these fabrics in US military and tactical garments are

Posted January 22, 2013

Source: Gore & Associates