Hohenstein Institute Develops Anti-Mite Mattress

The Institute for Hygiene and Biotechnology (IHB) at The Hohenstein Institute — a Germany-based
textile research and testing laboratory with locations worldwide — in conjunction with
Germany-based mattress manufacturers diamona and MetaTex, has developed an anti-mite mattress
prototype for allergy sufferers. The mattress contains flexible textile heating pads that create a
hygrothermal environment that inhibits house dust mites from settling into the mattress. The new
mattress provides an alternative to the use of either tight-closing mattress covers or chemicals to
treat the dust-mite problem.

Dust mites require moisture from ambient air to survive, and do not tolerate dry, warm
conditions. Hohenstein tests reveal that heating the mattress to 50ºC for one hour once or twice a
week will prevent dust mites from settling in. The heading pads, supplied by Germany-based Rolf
Mayer Strickstoff-Fabrik, are incorporated into the mattress layers at specified distances to
maintain the desired temperature throughout the mattress.

“Using this trailblazing innovation, we are finally able to ensure that sufferers of house
dust mite allergies can have a good night’s sleep,” said Dr. Dirk Hoefer, manager, IHB. “And we
have achieved this without compromising sleeping comfort or having to revert to chemical substances
which in turn create problems with people with heightened sensitivities.”

August 4, 2009