APDN’s SigNature® DNA Selected For European Anti-Counterfeit Program

Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN), a Stony Brook, N.Y.-based provider of DNA encrypted and embedded
authentication solutions, announced that its SigNature® DNA Anti-Counterfeit technology has been
chosen as the security platform for a three-year program funded by the European Regional
Development Fund and Yorkshire Forward. The program will use APDN’s SigNature DNA markers –
botanically derived markers that enable a producer of natural or man-made fibers to track specific
batches of fiber through to finished textiles and apparel – to protect textiles and other
applications, and also will support pilot studies and commercial scale-up of the taggants.

As part of the program, APDN will rent the DNA Authentication facility at the England-based
Textile Centre of Excellence and will collaborate with Leeds University’s Centre for Technical
Textiles. The $9 million-fund is expected to cover approximately 20 projects per year. APDN has
already teamed with more than 25 commercial partners, including woolen textile manufacturers in
Yorkshire, England
(See ”
Textiles From Yorkshire Benefit From DNA-Based Security Solution
,” March 9, 2009)

“Yorkshire Forward is very pleased to invest in new platform technologies that will foster
growth and, ultimately, reap positive economic benefits to the Yorkshire business community, and
the UK and European public at large,” said Jim Farmery, assistant director for business, Yorkshire
Forward. “SigNature DNA is a true platform technology that has exciting and practical applications
that extend to multiple industry sectors.”

August 18, 2009