Shepherd Color Launches PRECISE™ Pigments

The Shepherd Color Co., a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of high-performance inorganic pigments, has
developed a new line of durable pigments for coloring fiber and thin film applications.

According to the company, PRECISE™ pigments are suitable for solution dyeing; and exhibit
high levels of temperature stability, durability, lightfastness and resistance to weathering, which
makes them suitable for such outdoor fiber applications as carpeting, awnings, tents and outdoor
upholstery. The new pigments exhibit low extruder pressure buildup and are chemically inert,
insoluble, easy to disperse, and resistant to migration and bleeding.

The first product to be released in the new line is Precise Yellow 40P280, CI Pigment Brown
24. Shepherd is developing several additional colors, some with infrared-reflecting

October 16, 2007