Cotton Incorporated Welcomes Murata Machinery President

Cotton Incorporated Welcomes Murata Machinery PresidentCotton Incorporated welcomed Daisuki Murata,
president of Murata Machinery Ltd Japan to its world headquarters in Cary, North Carolina on May
10, 2005. Murata Machinery is recognized internationally as the leading textile machinery
manufacturer for air jet and vortex spinners.  Since 1980, Cotton Incorporated has worked with
Murata Machinery, providing knowledge of fiber selection parameters and preparation procedures
necessary to produce 100% cotton and cotton-rich air jet yarns. This research led to the early
Murata Jet Spinner and the recently developed Murata Vortex Spinner (MVS). The MVS system more
efficiently transfers the air vortexs energy into a twisting action on the fiber bundle, enabling
the machine to spin 100% cotton. The design changes have also improved fabric appearance and
texture. We are impressed with Murata Machinerys technology, and will continue to develop and
implement MVS project work that addresses the needs of the U.S. cotton consumer, said J. Berrye
Worsham, President and Chief Executive Officer at Cotton Incorporated. Murata toured the Cary
facilities, observing the work being done around MVS technology, to improve the hand of MVS spun
fabrics, demonstrating the performance advantages of MVS fabrics.  Cotton Incorporated, funded
by U.S. growers of upland cotton and importers of cotton and cotton textile products, is the
research and marketing company representing upland cotton.

Press Release Courtesy Of Cotton Incorporated
August 2005