Rieter E 65, E 75 Combers Offer Increased Output

Switzerland-based Rieter Spun Yarn Systems reports its new E 65 and E 75 (ROBOlap) combers are the
first to achieve a nip rate of 450 per minute and daily output exceeding 1,500 kilograms of combed
sliver per machine, thus providing a 13-percent increase in production over the earlier E 62 and E
72 models, as well as lower operating costs. Rieter has optimized combing process parameters via
upgraded Computer Aided Process Development (CAPD+) simulations, and claims the new combers achieve
up to 96-percent machine efficiencies and higher raw material utilization.

The new models feature the Ri-Q-Top top comb and new Primacomb 8014 and 8015 circular combs,
which provide a high self-cleaning effect and reduce maintenance by up to 75 percent, according to

December 2004