NCTO Elects Charles Heilig, President of Parkdale Mills, as Chairman; Chuck Hall, President and CEO of Barnet, as Vice Chairman

WASHINGTON, DC — April 26, 2024 — The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO), representing the full spectrum of U.S. textiles from fiber through finished sewn products, held its officer elections for fiscal year 2024 at its annual meeting April 9-11.

NCTO has elected Charles Heilig, president of Parkdale Mills, as chairman; and Chuck Hall, president and CEO of Barnet, as vice chairman.

In addition to the appointment of a new chairman and vice chairman, NCTO elected chairs for each of its five councils. NCTO is comprised of five councils to ensure a broad representation of the industry supply chain. Each council has an allotted number of members who are elected to the association’s Board of Directors, in addition to the Executive Committee.

“I am pleased to announce our new officers, council chairs, and board and executive committee members for NCTO’s 2024 fiscal year,” said NCTO President and CEO Kim Glas.

“I want to thank our new Chairman Charles Heilig and Vice Chairman Chuck Hall for stepping into these critical roles and their vital contribution to the Board and NCTO. As we navigate the challenging times ahead, their input and leadership will be invaluable, and we will work together to advocate for policies that help bolster the U.S. textile industry and our Western Hemisphere partners and deter policies that are detrimental to this vibrant domestic supply chain, employing more than 500,000 workers.”

Elected as NCTO Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2024:

  • Chairman – Charles Heilig, president of Parkdale Mills —
    • Heilig is president of Gastonia, N.C.-based Parkdale Mills, an American manufacturer of yarn and cotton consumer products.
  • Vice Chairman – Chuck Hall, president and CEO of Barnet —
    • Hall is president and CEO of Spartanburg, S.C.-based Barnet, a 125-year-old manufacturer of technical textiles.

Elected to the NCTO Board of Directors during the various Council meetings were the following:

  • Fiber Council –
    • David Adkins of Lenzing;
    • John Freeman of Nan Ya Plastics; and
    • Melissa Stewart of The LYCRA Co.
  • Yarn Council –
    • Justin Ferdinand of Kentwool;
    • Peter Iliopoulos of Gildan;
    • Eddie Ingle of Unifi;
    • Eric Noe of Buhler Quality Yarns;
    • Marvin Smith of Shuford Yarns; and
    • Jay Todd of Service Thread
  • Fabric and Home Products Council –
    • David Smith of Milliken & Company;
    • James McKinnon of Cotswold Industries;
    • Blake Millinor of Valdese Weavers;
    • Leib Oehmig of Glen Raven;
    • Dan Russian of Sage Automotive Interiors; and
    • Walter Spiegel of Standard Textile
  • Finished Textiles and Apparel Products Council –
    • Marisa Fumei-South of Two-One-Two New York
    • (Alternate: Gabrielle Ferrara of Ferrara Manufacturing)
  • Industry Support Council –
    • Todd Bassett of Fi-Tech;
    • Greg Duncan of American Truetzschler; and
    • Jim Reed of YKK Corp.

Elected by their respective Councils to serve on the Executive Committee:

  • David Adkins, Lenzing;
  • Eddie Ingle, Unifi;
  • Marvin Smith, Shuford Yarns;
  • David Smith, Milliken & Company;
  • James McKinnon, Cotswold Industries;
  • Marisa Fumei-South, Two-One-Two New York;
  • Gabrielle Ferrara, Ferrara Manufacturing; and
  • Todd Bassett, Fi-Tech.

NCTO Chairman Charles Heilig has elected additional executives to serve on the Executive Committee: Anderson Warlick of Parkdale Mills; Norman Chapman of Inman Mills; John Maness of Gildan; Amy Bircher Bruyn of MMI Textiles; and Jackie Ferrari of American Fashion Network.

Elected to chair the Councils:

  • Fiber Council: David Adkins of Lenzing
  • Yarn Council: Justin Ferdinand of Kentwool
  • Fabric and Home Products Council: David Smith of Milliken & Company
  • Finished Textiles and Apparel Products Council: Marisa Fumei-South of Two-One-Two New York.
  • Industry Support Council: Todd Bassett of Fi-Tech

Posted: April 26, 2024

Source: The National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO)