Boll & Branch Launches Origin Track: Allowing Customers To Trace The Full Journey Of Their Bedding From Seed To Sheet

SUMMIT, N.J. — April 22, 2024 — Boll & Branch, a luxury bedding and home decor brand, has introduced Origin Track, a new technology platform allowing customers to trace the complete journey of their bedding from seed to sheet. Boll & Branch reports it is the first to offer direct insight into its supply chain, showcasing every stage of production — from the farms where materials are sourced, to where the cotton is spun, ginned, dyed, cut, and constructed. Origin Track ensures that every item produced by Boll & Branch, past and present, is fully traceable, solidifying the company’s unique commitment to transparency and sustainability.

Origin Track offers an immersive digital experience, hosted on the Boll & Branch website. By entering the unique lot number into Origin Track, found on a product’s tag, customers can unlock the story behind their purchase. The experience provides detailed insights into the origins of the product, spotlights the skilled makers and a rich tradition of expertise, and traces the item’s journey from the farm right to the customer’s home.

Since its launch in 2014, Boll & Branch has challenged every conventional standard. The company established a better end-to-end system, working directly with family-owned farms and factories to ensure traceability at every step. This principle has guided all verticals of the business, with the company meticulously documenting the journey of every product it has ever created. Now, for the first time, Boll & Branch is extending this level of transparency to its customers through the introduction of Origin Track.

“Our new Origin Track platform is not just an innovation, it’s retail transparency redefined,” said Scott Tannen, Co-Founder and CEO of Boll & Branch. “This technology is the heartbeat of Boll & Branch and transforms how we engage with our customers. When we reveal the origins of our products, we’re not just sharing facts, we’re opening a dialogue with our customers about the integrity and fairness of our decisions across the supply chain. From day one, we’ve pledged to offer transparency that’s both informative and actionable, ensuring every product we craft can be traced back to its raw materials. We are proud to say that our customers will no longer just own a product, they’ll understand its story.”

Posted: April 25, 2024

Source: Boll & Branch