InterfaceAR Syndesis Strike Deal

InterfaceAR, Syndedis Strike DealSyndesis Inc., Santa Monica, Calif., has granted Grand Rapids,
Mich.-based Interface Architectural Resources (AR), a division of Interface Inc., exclusive use of
its Syndecrete® technology in the raised-access flooring market.InterfaceAR will use Syndecrete in
its TecCrete and TecFloor access flooring products, the first such products to use
Syndecrete.Syndecrete process technology, developed by architect David Hertz, utilizes hard carpet
waste as feedstock to create a precast, lightweight, cement-based composite. InterfaceAR will use
reclaimed carpet fiber from another company division, Interface Flooring Systems, in its flooring
panels. Topical colors can be applied to the surface of Syndecrete, giving InterfaceAR the
opportunity to create decorative, exposed concrete panels that are also functional. Santa
Monica-based investment banking firm C.Y.G. advised Syndesis on the transaction.
September 2002