Lindauer Dornier

The Dornier LWV8/J air-jet was one of the most impressive weaving machines at ITMA99. The
eight-color jacquard machine was shown equipped with a model LX3200 Staubli head with 9,800 hooks.
It was running at 600 rpm in a 430-centimeter width, giving a filling insertion rate of 2,520
meters per minute.The filling supply for the LWV8/J used eight ROJ filling feeders, type Super
ELF-td. The warp was supplied from twin beams. Each was 1,000 millimeters in diameter using EURO II
beam supports. Style Changes On-The-Fly

The LWV8/J has the capability for automatic pattern change. At the show, Dornier demonstrated
an impressive on-the-fly change from napery to sheeting by changing the filling. This was executed
without stopping the machine.The warp was 150 tex, 100-percent polyester with 38.7 ends per
centimeter. The filling used for the napery style was Nm 34/1 ring-spun cotton yarn with 26 picks
per centimeter. The filling for the sheeting fabric was Nm 40/1 ring-spun yarn with 24 picks per
centimeter. The reeded width was 420 centimeters.Electronic let-off was used on both sides. The
machine had an electronic take-up motion using a Neuenhauser off-loom take-up unit.The machine was
outfitted with a Disc-O-Leno on the left-hand side and an EcoLeno on the right-hand side. Automatic
filling stop repair was also shown. Air-Jet AdvancesDornier showed several advances for
air-jet machines at ITMA. Permanent control on the timing of all nozzles with the ability to
indicate any malfunctioning valves was shown. A message on the control panel indicated faults and
their location.Tandem booster nozzles, which are moving with the lay for up to eight colors, were
displayed.A fully electronically controlled air-operated tucking mechanism was demonstrated.
Applications include flat, terry and tire cord fabrics with operating speeds up to 1,000 rpm.A new
disc leno operated by a motor was shown integrated with the disc. This feature is available for
both air-jet and rapier machines.A triple filling sensor with the stretch nozzle indicated the
arrival of filling yarn and detected yarn picks. The company also extended the range of filling
yarns that can be used on its air-jet machines. The range is from Ne 5 to Ne 71 for spun yarns. For
filament yarns, the range is 20 to 2,000 denier.An improved program for preventing start marks was
exhibited. An increased diameter warp beam of 1,500 millimeters can be placed above the machine.The
company als showed several refinements to its popular line of rapier weaving machines.

November 1999