DSM And Meister Announce Innovative Medical Textile Constructions Made Of Dyneema Purity® Fiber

EXTON, Pa. — November 9, 2017 — DSM Biomedical, a global solutions provider in biomedical science and regenerative medicine, today announced a novel braiding technology of DSM’s medical grade UHMWPE fibers, Dyneema Purity® fibers for use in the design and construction of medical devices. The new constructions of Dyneema Purity fiber are available by means of a patented platform technology entitled “IMPLANTABLE HOLDING DEVICE” developed by partner Meister & Cie AG. This platform technology offers medical device manufacturers design freedom and possibilities for device miniaturization.

DSM’s Dyneema Purity fibers offer medical device manufacturers freedom of design to meet specifications due to their high strength, low profile, and superior abrasion resistance. Pairing the unique properties of Dyneema Purity fiber with this new platform technology from Meister, better enables the interfacing of textiles to other medical device components, reducing the amount of metal required in the device, thereby resulting in less chance of metal debris and inflammation in a patient’s body, leading to better patient outcomes.

“DSM is extremely pleased with the benefits this new platform technology offers used in conjunction with Dyneema Purity fiber, enabling an improved generation of surgical products for the most intricate medical procedures” said Carola Hansen, director of Product Management, Polyethylenes, DSM Biomedical.

“After an intensive period of development, Meister is pleased to introduce this new technology that will help medical device companies to develop novel devices and surgical procedures. Meister sees the potential of the innovation in sports medicine, orthopaedic and spinal applications.” said Marcel Meister, CEO, Meister & Cie AG.

Posted November 9, 2017

Source: DSM