X-Rite Introduces Ci7860 Benchtop Spectrophotometer

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based X-Rite Inc. has released the Ci 7860 benchtop sphere spectrophotometer for testing plastics, coatings or textiles.

The Ci7860 was designed to minimize the contribution of inter-instrument agreement — the accuracy and consistency with which various color measurement devices read a color sample — to ensure accurate and consistent color control. According to X-Rite, the Ci7860’s inter-instrument agreement specification of 0.06 average Delta E* represents a
25-percent improvement compared to other sphere spectrophotometers.

Additional features include: an on-board camera to capture images, setting details and measurement time; support for legacy data; calibrated ultraviolet light to measure and control optical brighteners; and four aperture sizes for measuring total transmission of translucent and transparent samples, among other features.

The instrument complies with industry standards including CIE No 15, ASTM D1003 and ISO 7724/1.

November/December 2016