Karl Mayer Introduces New Machines To Jacquardtronic, Tricot Lines; Develops Reuseable Clip Strings For Lace Raschel Machines

Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH recently added the JL 65/1 B Fashion machine to its Jacquardtronic® lace machine series. The machine is available in gauges E 18 and E 24, and features a working width of 132 inches plus a 2-inch extension for the tenter frame. According to the company, the JL 65/1 B was developed for problem-free coarse bourdon cord processing. France-based yarn manufacturer Moulinage du Plouy worked with the Karl Mayer product development team providing bourdon cords up to 2,450 decitex (dtex) made using a 100-percent non-stretch nylon fiber. A stretch bourdon cord with a maximum count of 3,250 dtex featuring 84-percent nylon and 16-percent elastane provided by Wichita, Kan.-based Invista also was tested. Karl Mayer reports all commercially available man-made fibers can be processed using the JL 65/1, but given the heavier weight of the finished fabric compared to a typical lace fabric, manufacturers are advised to produce two separate fabric webs across the machine’s working width.
The HKS 2-M is the latest addition to Karl Mayer’s tricot machine line. According to the company, the 180-inch-wide version can operate at maximum speeds of 3,200 meters per minute, which is approximately 20-percent faster than its predecessor.  A 210-inch-wide version can reach top speeds of 3,000 meters per minute. The HKS 2-M includes the KAMCOS® computer platform, electronic speed control of the main drive, and electronic systems for controlling the fabric take-down and yarn feed. The medium stroke machine is suitable for producing non-stretch fabrics featuring low stitch number and loose yarn running in gauges of up to E 32. End-uses for such technical and semi-technical fabrics include mattress covers, velour fabrics for furniture, nets, sporting goods, shoe fabric and printing grounds. The machine also is capable of producing tulle and other open mesh, stylish fabric for the clothing sector, according to the company.
In other company news, beginning in September 2014, Karl Mayer will include new flexible resusable patternguide fingers and strings on all new lace raschel machines. The company reports these reuseable clip strings enable the operator to mount the patternguide fingers onto the string bars by means of clips in line with the pattern. The patternguide fingers can be reused by clipping and unclipping them any number of times. According to Karl Mayer, the new system does not require any additional guide elements, and permits any repeat width and infinitely variable repeats. Previously, customers had to use adhesive-bonded string bars. Customers currently operating Karl Mayer lace raschel machines can integrate the new clip string system by purchasing the new clip strings from Karl Mayer’s Spare Parts Division. Customers may choose from special mounting packages with different features to suit their particular machines.
August 5, 2014