Beaver Paper Enters The  Sustainable Packaging Field With New TexSeal™ Eco Pouches

ATLANTA — August 2, 2022 — Beaver Paper, a manufacturer of sublimation media and sewn paper products, is excited to announce the launch of its new TexSeal™ Eco Pouch sustainable paper packaging.

The new TexSeal Eco Pouches are an innovative, earth-friendly paper-based packaging solution suited for today’s market. TexSeal Eco Pouches are what protection packaging should be all about — protection for customers content and protection of the environment.

Paper packaging solutions are taking over functionalities that, in the past, could only be handled by plastic. Made from renewable forest products, TexSeal Eco Pouches offer a reliable, quality paper-based packaging solution.

Product Characteristics

  • Natural look and feel;
  • 100 percent recyclable;
  • Available in different grammages;
  • Excellent sealing properties; and
  • Biodegradable.


TexSeal Eco Pouches are ideally suited for packaging of textiles and apparel and can be formatted into pouches, bags, flow packs and sheeted lining. TexSeal Eco Pouches offer excellent heat sealability and provide an exceptional  barrier to aromas, oxygen, and water vapor.

TexSeal comes in a range of thicknesses from 40 gsm up to 80 gsm to meet a wide variety of applications. TexSeal Eco Pouches also offer excellent printability for all your branding purposes.

“Many eco-conscious companies will appreciate a simple, sustainable packaging solution that is truly earth friendly. TexSeal Eco Pouches showcase and protect fashion textiles and will not linger in landfills for hundreds of years,” said Tobias Sternbeck, CEO of Beaver Paper.  “Our customers can feel good about their packaging choices.”

TexSeal paper packaging has many advantages over plastic bags when it comes to sustainability. Paper is easier to recycle and is biodegradable. The fact that paper is recyclable helps lessen its impact on the environment.

Beaver Paper strives for constant innovation and the pursuit of sustainability. It is helping move the industry toward sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions made from natural and biodegradable raw materials. TexSeal Eco Pouches represent the next generation of paper for flexible packaging that companies and consumers can count on for the future.

Posted: August 2, 2022

Source: Beaver Paper