DuPont Launches Lycra Campaign TACTEL Prisma

DuPont, Wilmington, Del., has launched a new advertising campaign to support the growing trend of
jeans made with Lycra®. In the first such campaign for Lycra What do you look for in a great pair
of jeans DuPont will spend $10 million in advertising.The television commercial is lively and hip;
it captures the more fashionable and trendy personality of Lycra and emphasizes the way people live
in their jeans with Lycra; they look and feel good; they are comfortable and free, said Linda
Kearns, global brand manager, Lycra.In other news, DuPont ApparelandTextile Sciences has introduced
TACTEL® prisma, a new yarn that combines two polymers during spinning to achieve two-color heather
effects that incorporate different degrees of shine, sparkle and color. TACTEL prisma is available
in a 156f71 flat yarn for use in circular knits, knitwear and in woven fabrics.

December 2001