DAK Americas Increases Prices Of PSF Products

CHARLOTTE — March 15, 2011 — The events that are unfolding in Japan, indicate a significant impact
to the global polyester value chain.

Japan is an important supplier of paraxylene to the global polyester value chain. A
significant portion of the Japanese paraxylene manufacturing has been directly affected by the
earth quake and ensuing tsunami and is down at this time.

The Asian spot market for paraxylene has shifted up dramatically, in response to these

Until a full assessment of the damage at the refinery level, the infrastructure level and the
impact of the nuclear situation is understood, the reliability of paraxylene production from Japan
is very uncertain.

Anticipating significantly higher priced paraxylene in April, DAK Americas will increase
prices for all Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) products.

Effective April 1, 2011; DAK Americas will increase PSF prices by $0.07 per

DAK is committed to the staple fibers business and will continue to supply quality products,
services and innovation to its customers.

Posted on March 17, 2011

Source: DAK Americas