Foss Receives Man-Made Antibacterial Fiber Patent

Foss Manufacturing Co. Inc., Hampton, N.H., recently received a patent for its Fosshield fiber. The
fiber contains a silver-based antimicrobial ingredient to prevent the growth of more than 650
strains of bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold. The silver component is incorporated throughout a
bicomponent fiber structure and binder fiber to ensure the continual slow release of silver and to
prevent the silver from washing out of a fabric during laundering.

Foss has patents pending for a variety of applications for its Fosshield fiber.

Foss patent also covers antimicrobial fiber additives such as copper, tin and zinc. Other
application-related patents are pending for Fosshield, including such applications as mattress
pads, bed linens, pillows and hospital scrubs.

“Our research and development team has done a remarkable job, and we look forward to nearly
limitless applications for Fosshield,” said Stephen Foss, chairman and CEO.

September 2004