Lysac Technologies Receives 8 Million Capital Investment

Quebec-based Lysac Technologies Inc., a developer of non-abrasive absorbent polymers made from
natural, renewable resources, has received an investment of $8 million from SGF Sant44; CDP
AccCapital and Investissement Desjardins, all also located in Quebec.The capital investment will
allow Lysac to complete the first phase of its development plan. The company will launch
internationally its first generation of products, quintuple the size of its R and D laboratories,
and complete the scale-up of its second-generation products.Lysac developed its Safe and Natural
Absorbent Polymers (SNAPs) as an alternative to super-absorbent polymers (SAPs), which are made
from petrochemicals. LysorbMD, one of the first products available from Lysac, will be used in the
production of personal hygiene products such as diapers.

November 2001