Saffron Invests In Fong’s TEC Series Dyeing Machines

Fong’s National Engineering Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, reports that Saffron Philippines Inc., the
Philippines, has installed eight sets of Fong’s TEC Series high-temperature piece-dyeing machines
at its production facility, which dyes and finishes 40 to 45 tons of fabric, prints 10,000 yards of
fabric and produces 10,000 apparel pieces daily; and plans to expand its capacity.

Saffron already had been using Fong’s Jumboflow dyeing machine. In November 2011, the company
ordered its first TEC Series set including 300-kilogram (kg) Jumbotec2-1T, 750-kg Miditec2-3T and
400-kg Minitec2-2T models. Following installation, Saffron conducted trials on various fabrics that
were dyed using the new machinery. According to Saffron Chairman Tomas de los Santos, the TEC
Series offers a reduced liquor ratio; shortened salt preparation and injection time; an efficient
and consistent rinsing process; reduced effluent and energy costs; increased flexibility in
attaining improved loading efficiency, resulting from a range of machine capacities; easy-to-use
controller; and ground-level machine operation.

Saffron subsequently placed three more orders for Fong’s TEC Series.

November/December 2012