Taiwan Textile Industry Actively Helping The United States And Global Partners To Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

TAIPEI — April 23, 2020 — Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), by integrating upstream, midstream, and downstream textile industries and with the help of textile manufacturers such as Formosa Plastic Group, Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corp., Far Eastern New Century Corp., KNH Enterprise Co. Ltd., China Surgical Dressings Center Co. Ltd. and Chang Hong Machinery Co. Ltd. etc., a complete surgical mask supply chain was formed. Taiwan has transformed from importing country for surgical mask to the second-largest surgical mask producer worldwide with daily production capacity of 15 million units.

Taiwan plays an important role as the “Silicon Valley” for textiles industry globally and is a long-term trusted partner of international brands. With years of research and development efforts in functional textiles, Taiwan textile industry has accumulated experience and technology that allows Taiwan government to form a national epidemic prevention team in the fight against COVID-19 at short notice.

Through the efforts by manufacturers like WEB-PRO Corp., Nan Liu Enterprise Co. Ltd., Eclat Textile Co. Ltd. and Makalot Industrial Co. Ltd. on the “National Team for Hazmat and Protective Clothing”, Taiwan successfully develops and produced the level 3 protective suit in just one month. In the period from March to April, over one million units of isolation gown and 100 thousand units of protective suits were manufactured.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the Taiwan’s textile industry and the government, Taiwan’s performance on epidemic prevention has been recognized internationally. Taiwan is contributing its experience and capabilities, fulfill its international responsibilities, and actively strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation with other countries.

Taiwan has donated 15 million surgical masks to support medical staffs in countries with severe coronavirus outbreak, and will continue to provide support to the international community. Under the Taiwan-U.S. epidemic prevention cooperation framework and in the spirit of “Taiwan can help!”, Taiwan has donated 2 million surgical masks to the U.S. and will continue to help strengthening protection for frontline medical personnel by providing 100 thousand urgently needed surgical masks every week.

In response to these kind acts, The United States White House National Security Council (NSC) thanked Taiwan for its support and collaboration via a tweet while the European Union representative in Taiwan, Filip Grzegorzewski, posted a tweet thanking Taiwan for its swift delivery of masks to countries hardest hit by the pandemic. Furthermore, Microsoft founder Bill Gates also publicly praised Taiwan’s swift action to fight off coronavirus as exemplary. Even the phrase “TaiwansHelping” is turning into a hashtag keyword on Twitter.

Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), a non-profit organization, plays an important role in Taiwan’s textile industry. In order to assist the textile industry to cope with the competition of globalization, TTF, as commissioned by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, implements the “Textile Export Promotion Project” (TEPP) by selecting premium textile exporters and promoting their exports through the measures under this project.

As the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the textile and apparel sector, TTF quickly took actions to assist companies in receiving government relief. TTF asking brands to maintain supply-chain partnerships with Taiwan’s textile industry and to regard suppliers as important business partners.

Taiwanese textile manufacturers’ quick action to integrate the resources and capabilities of all parties to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the ability to assemble a mask and protective clothing production line in a short period of time, has echoed the long recognized traits “quick response,” “reliability,” “sustainable innovation,” and “profound professional knowledge and experience” of Taiwan textile industry. The brands’ trust is precisely why Taiwan has become the first choice for international brand cooperation. At this critical moment, Taiwan’s textile industry is ready to support its partners to weather out this epidemic and work together to focus on the future of medical fabrics and garment market.

Posted April 23, 2020

Source: Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF)