Koch Separation Solutions Expands Manufacturing Of Membrane Technology By 50 Percent

WILMINGTON, Mass. — April 14, 2020 — Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) today announced it is expanding the manufacturing capacity of its innovative PURON® reinforced hollow fiber membrane technology by 50 percent. This manufacturing expansion reflects KSS’s significant growth and an increased ability to quickly serve businesses that utilize its reinforced hollow fiber membrane technologies for their industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment needs.

“Expanding our PURON membrane manufacturing capacity represents the exciting growth we’re seeing at KSS and is a testament to our strength and the value of our solutions, which are essential in supporting many industries and business globally,” said Manny Singh, President of KSS. “At KSS we are continually seeking to add greater value to our customers, and this expansion increases our ability to offer our technology and know-how to businesses that operate in key economic sectors.”

KSS’s reinforced hollow fiber membrane solutions are among a suite of KSS’s membrane offerings and include PURON MP, PURON HF, PURON MBR, and PULSION MBR. At its core, the PURON hollow fiber membrane has a robust composite structure that makes it virtually unbreakable. Its uniquely engineered ultrafiltration pores facilitate high productivity and rejection while minimizing fouling and cleaning requirements; these membranes are crucial in water and wastewater treatment needs such as solids separations and pathogen removal. KSS’s advanced reinforced hollow fiber membranes allow businesses to operate reliably at high-performance while meeting energy efficiency, reducing overall system footprint, and cutting long-term operational costs.

“Industrial water sustainability and reuse, coupled with PURON technology advantages, are driving the growth we’re seeing in water and wastewater treatment operations,” added Singh. “We recognize the importance of businesses meeting their goals while also operating responsibly and sustainably, and our membrane technologies allow for optimal performance that also save energy and resources.”

Posted April 14, 2020

Source: Koch Separation Solutions