Subli-Lining Of Texo Trade Services: Cost-Efficient Printing On Natural Fabrics With Sublimation Transfer

WADDINXVEEN, The Netherlands — October 25, 2017 — Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk have a high quality, a pleasant feel and look beautiful. When printed, they have one disadvantage: the colors are less vivid and sharp compared to printed polyester. Also, the colors fade during washing, which is not the case with polyester. Besides the printing process is laborious and therefore expensive. Texo Trade Services, expert in transfer print media and printable textile, offers the solution with Subli-Lining. It gives creative companies in the fashion, interior, trade fairs, advertising and textile industry the best of both worlds with Subli-Lining: cost-efficient printed cotton, silk or linen with all advantages of printing on polyester, without losing all good features, look and feel of the natural fabrics.

High color range, abrasion resistant, natural fibers

Subli-Lining is a very thin material made of 100% polyester that can be printed on natural fabrics with sublimation transfer. The result: an extremely high color range. The colours are very deep, vivid and durable and remain so, due to the washable and durable characteristics of the material. Polyester is synthetic and not a natural fiber you wear on your skin. It does not have a luxurious appearance such as cotton. With Subli-Lining you only have a very thin polyester top layer, therefore the look and feel of the natural fabric does not change.

Simple, cost-efficient printing method

Besides all the advantages in terms of quality, look and feel, Subli-Lining brings an important financial advantage along. It is cheaper than printing on natural fabrics. Cotton for instance, demands a laborious and time consuming printing method; it must be pre-treated, printed, steamed, washed and dryed. With Subli-Lining the natural fabric is printed with sublimation transer. On the calender it is imprinted with transfer paper and laminated onto the fabric at the same time. Subli-Lining is even suitable for dark colored and dark textiles. A post-treatment is not neccessary. Expensive wash-, steam- and dry installations are superfluous. So printing companies can increase their margins by saving on production costs.

Small runs, personalized printing

Subli-Lining of Texo Trade Services is the solution for companies that want to produce smaller runs. Beside large, small runs of only 2 to 3 meters are possible. Fabrics can thus be printed personalized, such as suits, shirts, dresses, pillows, curtains and liners. This allows companies to distinguish themselves; they can offer customers more choices without making a large investment and keeping stock. In short, Subli-Lining is the solution for every printing company who wants to print natural fabrics in a cost-efficient way.

Posted October 25, 2017

Source: Texo Trade Services