DyStar Introduces eliot™ – A New Information And Process Optimization System At ITMA 2015

At ITMA 2015 in Milan, Singapore-based DyStar introduced eliot™ their newly developed, internet based tool for product selection and process optimization in the dyeing process. The tool was developed during the last year by consolidating different expert systems and information databases into one comprehensive function for DyStar’s customers.

With a well-structured user interface, eliot is very intuitive and can easily be used. The responsive design offers the flexibility to use eliot on any computer or tablet and with various browsers. eliot currently consists of four modules and will be extended in the near future. Currently, eliot offers the following modules:

  • Green Selection
  • Product Finder
  • Optidye®
  • Information

The Green Selection module contains the DyStar ‘Positive Lists’ for some leading Brands & Retailers or eco standards. The ‘Positive Lists’ are a selection of recommended DyStar products that are compliant to the Brands & Retailers’ Restricted Substances Lists or the selected eco standard. eliot allows the user to filter or sort products and save product selections as favorites. These favorites can also be used in the other modules.

All modules offer a link to directly open the technical data sheets of the individual products, which contain product details such as suitability for certain dyeing and printing processes, dye characteristics, appearance under different light sources, build-up, etc.

The Product Finder module allows the user to search for technical properties of DyStar products by fastness criteria and dyeing or application performance. The selection can be a combination of both fastness and dyeing properties and the result can be exported to Excel.

Optidye programs offer recipe or process optimization that help to shorten the dyeing cycle and reduce the effluent load. Optidye programs increase the reliability of the dyeing process for better right-first-time processing and improved quality of finished products.

In addition, eliot contains a variety of information about DyStar products and processes, e.g. brochures, shade cards, technical data sheets, testing methods.

This was only the first step in the development of eliot. Dystar will continuously extend and improve the tool by adding more function modules and by making it available in different languages. In addition, more Restricted Substance Lists and technical information will be added.

Posted January 18, 2016

Source: DyStar Singapore Pte. Ltd.