Rieter To Install World’s First Complete Air-Jet Spinning System With J 70 Technology

WINTERTHUR, Switzerland — June 17, 2024 — Guangxi Baisheng Textile Co. Ltd. signed an agreement with Rieter to implement the world’s first complete spinning process using Rieter’s latest air-jet spinning technology J 70. This project will elevate automation levels and reduce conversion costs at Baisheng’s operations, setting a new benchmark in air-jet spinning in terms of quality and productivity.

From left to right: Sheng Du, Sales Engineer, Rieter, South China; Renguan Lian, Regional Sales Manager, Rieter, South China; Michael Hubensteiner, Country Managing Director Rieter China; Yiyu Zhan, Chairman of Guangxi Baisheng; Chanhong Feng, Manager of Guangxi Baisheng; Michael Wang, Senior Vice President, Rieter, Sales China.

Guangxi Baisheng Textile has decided to expand its air-jet spinning capacity with Rieter’s J 70 thanks to its outstanding productivity. This move will enable the vertically integrated textile company based in Guangxi, China, to further ensure a steady yarn supply for its knitting operations. Rieter’s air-jet spinning machine J 70 offers exceptional production efficiency and features 200 individually automated spinning units that independently manage quality cuts and natural ends down quickly and efficiently. The J 70 also boasts delivery speeds of up to 600 meters per minute and supports up to four lots simultaneously. In addition, Rieter’s latest generation yarn clearer identifies weak yarn during production, ensuring top quality.

The excellent performance of the existing Rieter cards, draw frames and winding machines installed at Baisheng Textile combined with the superior after-sales service have created a strong foundation for the successful collaboration with Guangxi Baisheng Textile.

Yiyu Zhan, chairman, Guangxi Baisheng Textile, said: “Together with Rieter, we will set an all-new benchmark in the industry, elevating the quality and productivity of air-jet spinning to unprecedented levels.”

Michael Hubensteiner, Country managing director, Rieter China, said: “We are proud to build the world’s first complete air-jet spinning system with our latest J 70 spinning technology in partnership with Baisheng Textile. This cutting-edge spinning system will enable Baisheng Textile to achieve a new level of competitiveness and expand their industry leadership.

Guangxi Baisheng Textile Co., Ltd.

Established in 2018 in Yulin City, Guangxi Province, China, Guangxi Baisheng Textile Co. Ltd. specializes in producing viscose ring-spun and air-jet spun yarn in yarn counts from Ne 16 to 40 in its manufacturing sites in China. In addition to its spinning capabilities, Baisheng excels in twisting, yarn dyeing on packages, flat knitting, and finishing processes. As a fully vertically integrated textile company, Baisheng manages the entire production chain, ensuring high-quality output at every stage.

Posted: June 17, 2024

Source: Rieter Holding AG