Sanko Orders 48 Zinser 72XL: Saurer’s New Generation Of Compact Spinning Machines Attracts Customers

ÜBACH-PALENBERG, Germany — November 15, 2018 — Saurer is supplying 48 ZinserImpact 72XL compact spinning machines with a total of 82 944 spindles to Sanko Textiles. The tradition-rich Turkish textile company is thus one of the first customers worldwide to use this new generation of machines. The internationally leading company has valued its relationship with Saurer, the ring-spinning specialist, for years.

Branded yarns for the world market

Sanko was founded in 1904, produces around 250 tons of yarn per day and today employs a total of 2,520 people in spinning and knitting division. With its Textiles Innovation Center, founded in 2000, Sanko is constantly developing new textiles, such as the successful yarn brand Zeugma® and others. Sanko is one of the pioneers in processing of organic cotton: In 2002, the company commissioned one of the world’s first certified spinning mills for this material.

By choosing the new ZinserImpact 72XL, this successful company underscores its claim of being ahead of the competition. Sanko wants to further enhance its competitive advantage with Saurer’s most modern generation of ring-spinning machines.

Peak technology for productivity and quality

Sanko is investing in a flexible and highly efficient overall solution consisting of roving and compact spinning machines. The roving is supplied by six ZinserSpeed 5A with a total of 1 152 spindles. Equipped with the RoWeLift transfer station, the RoWeClean tube-cleaning system, the RoWeStore empty-tube store and the world’s most effective doffing technology, the roving frames guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness. The ZinserSpeed 5A are connected to the compact spinning machines via the Autoflow FlexFlow system. This makes the assignment of the roving frames to the ring-spinning machines more flexible, and opens up potential for optimization in operational planning.

The 48 ZinserImpact 72XL machines, each with 1 728 spindles, have been perfectly tailored to the spatial situation on site. This has resulted in an optimum ratio of production output per square metre of production area.

The central FlexiDrive of the ZinserImpact 72XL ensures consistent yarn quality over the entire machine length. The self-cleaning compact spinning technology, Impact FX, guarantees the most economical and top quality thanks to its constant compact power. The machines are equipped with the CS1 S premium spindle to further reduce noise emissions, vibrations and energy consumption in the high-speed range.

With its comprehensive range of applications, the ZinserImpact 72XL provides Sanko with a decisive flexibility bonus. For example, the Turkish trendsetter for innovative yarns is relying on the economical FancyDraft fancy yarn function to set itself apart in the textile markets with new creations.

The new Zinser compact spinning mill will go into operation this year. Thanks to this forward-looking modernization strategy, Sanko’s machine suite is one of the most innovative and efficient in the world.

“We have been relying on Saurer’s leading technologies for years,” says Hakan Konukoğlu, Sanko Holding board member. “The new ZinserImpact 72XL is an important building block in our future modernization strategy.”

Posted November 15, 2018

Source: Saurer Group