ITMA Asia + CITME 2016 Exhibitor Preview: Graf + Cie

RAPPERSWIL, Switzerland — September 16, 2016 — The company Graf is a manufacturer of clothings for flat cards and roller cards.  Graf will introduce several innovative solutions for the processing of man-made fibers at ITMA in Shanghai.


Flexible flat clothings are one of the key components in a carding machine. To ensure an evenly high quality of the carding sliver, they have to be replaced regularly. For this process the card needs to be stopped. To keep these down-times as short as possible, Graf now offers a new flat top system, which can reduce the stoppage time by up to 70 %. The so-called EasyTop is applied on flat bars designed for magnetic attachment. The flat tops, equipped with a  metal carrier, are attached securely and precisely by means of a magnetic connection. They resist even highest carding forces and guarantee for a high reliability in operation. The EasyTop system can be used for aluminium flat bars with magnetic attachment technology from all manufacturers. EasyTop are available for working widths of 40“, 51” and 60” in a selection from the well-known and proven types of flat clothings for man-made fibers, the so-called InLine-X and RSTO series, each in the ‘M’-version.

Hipro metallic wire

Thanks to innovative geometry, excellent material and first-class processing, Hipro metallic card clothings ensure top performance and precision together with an exceptionally long working life. Hipro metallic card clothings are suitable for all standard man-made fibres in the nonwoven sector and also for wool. They can be used on the following rollers: doffer, worker, stripper and condenser rollers. These excellent, robust clothings are available with normal profile and as interlinked clothings.


Graf will also present new products for the combing process. The X-Comb segments can be used on comb-bodies requiring individual segments from other manufacturers and thus now make the leading Graf technology also accessible for these conventional combs.  The combing segments are made from metallic clothings that undergo a special surface treatment, which substantially reduces the running-in period.

Posted September 16, 2016

Source: Graf