Ramtex Yarn Production Returns To 24-7 Schedule

Ramtex Yarn ProductionReturns To 24/7 ScheduleAn improving sales picture has helped restore
full-time production at Ramtex Inc.s yarn plant. The Ramseur, N.C.-based spinner and weaver, which
reduced the size of its weaving operation and also reduced the hours of operation in its yarn plant
earlier this year, is now operating four shifts around the clock and has added two new salespeople
to its staff to handle yarn sales, according to Walter Bosch, executive vice president.Currently,
the yarn plant accounts for 75 percent of the companys business and employs twice as many workers
as the weaving plant. Ramtex makes cotton and cotton/polyester-blend yarns to use in its own
shirting, pocketing and workwear fabrics, and for sales to other manufacturers. Yarn is spun using
ring spinning, Murata Jet Spinning and Murata Vortex Spinning (MVS) machinery. Ramtex is one of the
biggest MVS spinners in the United States, Bosch said.
December 2003