China’s Import Growth Continues

US government trade data measured in
square meter equivalents through three quarters of this year show that China is continuing and
increasing its toehold on the US textile and apparel market while traditional suppliers such as
Canada and Mexico are losing out. Data through September show China has increased its exports by 46
percent and has a 31-percent market share. India showed a major increase of 20 percent in that
period, and imports from Pakistan were up by 8 percent. At the same time, Canadian imports were off
by 8 percent and Mexican imports were down by 6 percent. Imports from South Korea and Taiwan also
were off by 14 percent and 19 percent respectively, while imports from the Caribbean and Central
America nations showed only small increases. Total textile and apparel imports from all sources
increased by 8 percent over the three quarters of 2004 to 38,328,800 square meter equivalents.

November 2005