The Rupp Report: More Previews For ITMA 2015 – Savio And Lab-Pro

More and more ITMA 2015 previews continue to arrive in the mailbox of the Rupp Report. This report will highlight Italy-based Savio, one of the leading companies in yarn forming equipment, and Switzerland-based Lab-Pro GmbH, a company working in the finishing sector.
New Savio Winder Generation
After 20 years, an ITMA exhibition will be held in Italy once again. As an Italian company, Savio said it feels “the importance of this event and looks forward to meet visitors in Milan.” Since 1911, the company has specialized in the yarn-finishing segment, and is a leading supplier of winding, twisting and rotor spinning machines. Manufacturing plants are located in Italy, China, India and the Czech Republic.
Savio reports it will highlight its advanced innovations in the winding segment, which the company describes as its core business. The following new products will be highlighted at the ITMA: PulsarS, new generation of automatic winders; drumless Multicone technology; and Volufil Multicone automatic winder for continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting. According to Savio, all the innovations represent “high-end and niche products with important technological content.”
The PulsarS is the highlight of Savio’s ITMA exhibit. It represents the fifth generation of Savio winding machines after the models Ras, Espero, Orion and Polar models. This generation of winding machines is reported to be equipment with a sustainable eco-green advantage, “especially replying to market demands in terms of energy efficiency, productivity and air conditioning savings in the winding room.”
The R&D team of Savio said that is has, “developed a revolutionary concept of the winding process to reply to the needs of the market for new solutions and utmost flexibility, towards on-going demand of high quality yarn package and energy savings; as well as energy saving and recovery, reductions of noise, pollution, water consumption and electro-magnetic emissions.”
Digital Yarn Layering Technology
Multicone is a new technology in Savio’s product portfolio. This new drumless digital yarn layering technology is now available for Polar winding machines, and is especially targeted toward customers producing packages for dyeing and very fine counts. Savio wants to provide a complete Polar range in order to meet all customers’ requests in terms of flexibility and productivity. The system is said to allow the tailoring of packages for different end uses  — dyeing, weaving, knitting for example — with simple settings on a computer.
Volufil Multicone combines thermal treatment and the winding process on a single machine. According to Savio, the consolidated success of the Volufil and the new demand of different yarns for diversified fabric applications, required several new developments for the machine’s technology. The new system represents the proper reply to the markets requirements. The technological process is extended to material such as acrylic heat set yarns, on special yarns (chenille and polyester) and on traditional HB Acrylic fibers, also blended with wool and elastomeric filaments. The new winding system is said to be suitable for any yarn type and package format with different traverse take-up.
Savio can be visited in Hall 4, Booth B101.

Centrifugal Dyeing Machinery For Open Width Knit Fabric
Mainly in the business of jet-dyeing machines, Lab-Pro GmbH five years ago extended its product range with the JigMaster, which debuted at ITMA Barcelona 2011. The company claims that this machine, available as a high temperature as well as an atmospheric machine, is “still the only jigger being able to save water and energy by applying the counter flow rinsing principle to discontinuous dyeing machines.”
Now a new type of discontinuous dyeing machine, Dyewa, for open-width knit goods is able to reduce consumption of water, energy and chemicals by applying centrifugal dewatering and will be presented at ITMA Milan.
The Novelty Product
Now in the market for 12 years, Lab-Pro produced and tested in 2014 and 2015 the first centrifugal dyeing apparatus for open width knitted fabrics. The machine is said to be able to bleach and dye (reactive) cotton knits with less than 20 liters of water per kilogram of fabric. The consumption of energy and chemicals is claimed to be reduced by nearly 40 percent compared to processes executed on jet dyeing machines. Elastic open-width knits and also blends with polyester and polyamide can be processed as well.
The Process
How does it work? According to explanations from Lab-Pro, each time before the machine is refilled prior to rinsing the fabric, it is hydro-extracted so that a big portion of colored water inside the fabric is drained out. As rinsing is a dilution process, less colored water means less clean water to get the same result.
Further advantages of the new process are said to provide dyeing results similar to cold pad batch dyed fabric namely no pilling and hairiness, and no crease marks.
When compared to cold pad batch, Dyewa is said to be not limited to process cotton or viscose fabrics only. It is also able to process man-made fibers and their blends as well thanks to the high-pressure machinery. All process steps such as bleaching, dyeing, washing and dewatering are done in the machine, whereas cold pad batch dyed fabric requires processing on various different machines. The manufacturer is convinced “that Dyewa will bring advantages for dye houses looking for a greener and a much cheaper way of bleaching and dyeing open width knitted fabrics.
Patented System
In 2013, Lab-Pro acquired the rights and know-how of the Rotowa from Switzerland-based W&S Engineering. Rotowa is a machine to efficiently bleach medical gauze made from cotton. Understanding the advantages of the Rotowa and combining the Rotowa know-how with the dyeing machines expertise, Lab-Pro patented an all new discontinuous dyeing machines named Dyewa.
Lab-Pro products can be seen in Hall 14, booth D106.
September 30, 2015