Bemis Associates Acquires Safe Reflections International

Bemis Associates Inc. recently completed the purchase of Taiwan-based Safe Reflections International LLC, a manufacturer of reflective products for enhanced apparel safety and visibility. The two companies have a history dating back to 2009 when they partnered to introduce Bemis Brilliant® Color Reflective Film — a bondable aesthetic film product that combined Bemis Associates’ adhesive with Safe Reflections’ Brilliant Color Reflective technology.

“Our company has a long history of identifying strategic partnerships, new products and industry opportunities in order to sustain growth and longevity,” said Steve Howard, CEO, Bemis Associates. “We see this acquisition as one more step in that direction.”

“As a global industry leader, our goal is to continually innovate so that our products drive the visibility industry in workwear, activewear and fashionwear,” said Joey Koppes, owner of Safe Reflections. “It’s an ideal supplement to their Brilliant Color Reflective Film product line.”

September/October 2020