CEMATEX Launches ITMA Innovation Lab

The European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers (CEMATEX) has introduced the ITMA Innovation Lab to reiterate the innovation message to ITMA 2019 participants. The theme for the quadrennial show — to be held June 20-26, 2019, in Barcelona — is  “Innovating the World of Textiles.”

“Innovation is vital for the industry’s success as Industry 4.0 gains momentum in the manufacturing world,” said Fritz Mayer, president, CEMATEX.

“The shift towards open innovation has resulted in increased exchange of knowledge and new types of cooperation among education institutions, research organizations and business. ITMA has been a catalyst and showcase of ground-breaking innovation since 1951. We hope participants will be able to share new developments, discuss industry trends and spur creative efforts, thus ensuring a vibrant innovation culture in a global context.”

The Innovation Lab features four main components:
• Research and  Innovation Pavilion;
• ITMA Speakers  Platform;
• Innovation Video  Showcase; and
• ITMA Sustainable  Innovation Award.

“By launching the ITMA Innovation Lab feature, we hope to better drive industry focus on the important message of technological innovation and cultivate  an inventive spirit,” said Charles Beauduin, chairman of ITMA Services. “We hope to encourage greater participation by introducing new components, such  as the video showcase to highlight our exhibitors’ innovation.”

November/December 2018