TexDel Receives Million-Dollar Award, Partners With Kentwool

Textile-Based Delivery Inc. (TexDel), Conover, N.C., reports it has received a $1 million award from Cambridge, Mass.-based Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) to advance the scale-up of its patented Nufabrx® technology for controlled delivery of active ingredients using textiles. According to Jordan Schindler, TexDel’s founder, Nufabrx incorporates active ingredients such as vitamins, supplements or medicines into fibers including polyester and nylon.

“We believe clothing will care for your body in entirely new ways,” said Schindler, CEO, TexDel. “Rather than applying a cream, taking a pill or using a patch, you’ll simply need to get dressed. This new opportunity with AFFOA and the Department of Defense introduces our technology into a new category of clothing that meets the health and wellness needs of consumers and our armed forces.”

“An important part of AFFOA’s mission is to foster entrepreneurial companies that are designing innovative solutions to existing consumer needs,” said Yoel Fink, CEO, AFFOA. “We are excited to support TexDel in their quest to scale materials releasing fiber for consumer and Department of Defense applications.”

In other TexDel news, Nufabrx nylon infused with capsaicin and a man-made cooling agent is featured in the new SensationWool sock introduced recently by Greenville, S.C.-based Kentwool. The Nufabrx technology paired with Kentwool’s superfine Merino wool offers a combination of warming and cooling ingredients and can provide temporary relief of foot-related aches and pains. Kentwool reports the pain management features are lab-tested to last for 30 wash cycles.

“Kentwool socks were born out of a desire to keep customers comfortable, helping them to pursue the activities that they love with less pain and more enjoyment,” said Lauren Hubbard, president of Kentwool Performance Apparel. “The SensationWool is an extension of that commitment to comfort, taking the proven performance properties of wool and coupling them with the power of Nufabrx technology.”

September/October 2018