New Metal Detector From Erhardt+Leimer Offers Segmented Evaluation, Automatic Calibration

DUNCAN, S.C. — November 25, 2015 — The new MD 1005 metal detector is offered for web widths of up to 6000 millimeters (mm). A special feature of the device is the segmented detection and evaluation for sections with a width of 300 mm each, making it much easier for the machine operator to locate a metal particle, especially if the web is very wide. LED lamps indicate in which segment the metal particle is located.
Long-term Reliability Even Under Difficult Ambient Conditions And With Damp Webs
The special scanning surface and the aluminum housing prevent damp webs from affecting the detection result. Furthermore, the MD 1005 features an automatic calibration function making sure that temperature changes, the wear and tear of the electronics or slow changes in the mechanical structure don’t distort the detection result. Thanks to this function regular precision adjustment by the operator is not required to guarantee that the metal detector works in the best way possible at any time. It detects particles of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper, e.g. steel particles with a weight of at least 1 mg.
The evaluation electronics and the power supply are already integrated into the housing of the device, ensuring commissioning is straightforward by connecting the operating voltage. As standard no other control or evaluation units are required.
The device can be installed in any orientation in any production machine. Production speed can be up to 400 meters per minute.
Posted November 30, 2015

Source: Erhardt + Leimer