AmeriPride Services Receives Safety and Environmental Awards From TRSA

MINNEAPOLIS — October 13, 2014 — AmeriPride Services Inc., a leading textile services and supply company in North America, today announced it received the SafeTRSA Innovation Award and the Clean Green Innovation Award for its efforts to improve plant safety and the environmental impacts of its operations. The Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) is an international trade association that provides education, training and a variety of other resources to the industry. The awards were presented to AmeriPride at TRSA’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 1.
The SafeTRSA Innovation Award recognizes a company or facility with an extraordinary approach to improving safety and the Clean Green Innovation Award recognizes novel approaches by companies to increase sustainability, conserve natural resources and reduce the operation’s overall environmental impact. Each entry was judged against other nominations in its category based on documentation supporting the project’s success through proven results.
“These awards build our credibility in the industry and with our customers, and provide third-party validation that we are doing the right things to improve safety and reduce our impact on the environment,” said Eric Davis, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at AmeriPride. “It shows our stakeholders that we take these issues seriously and are committed to corporate responsibility.”
AmeriPride received the SafeTRSA Innovation Award for its work on reducing spontaneous combustion fires in its production facilities. The company took a leadership role in this industry-wide issue and identified new fire prevention precautions that could be applied to their laundry practices.
In addition, AmeriPride received the Clean Green Innovation Award for its work to gain efficiencies in water and energy conservation and adopt best management practices for reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources. The work resulted in significant reductions in the usage natural gas, electricity and water and the company became the largest commercial laundry to receive TRSA’s Clean Green certification earlier this year. AmeriPride’s comprehensive approach includes reducing fleet emissions and increasing fuel efficiency through the use of alternative fuel vehicles (CNG, propane, electric, and hybrids), double-decker trailers, rerouting and telematics technology.
“Congratulations to AmeriPride and their plant operations team on their recent awards,” said Joseph Ricci, TRSA president and CEO. “AmeriPride continues to lead the way in the areas of safety and sustainability and we appreciate their work to maintain the reputation of the industry and build trust among our customers and the many communities we serve.”

Posted October 14, 2014

Source: AmeriPride