Human Solutions Develops New 3-D Bodyscanner

Human Solutions Group — a Germany-based provider of 3-D body dimension data, ergonomic simulation and other fit technology — has developed a contact-free bodyscanner to take people’s measurements in 3-D.
The bodyscanner features a fully automatic process based on 3-D depth sensor technology and uses optical triangulation — featuring infrared light and 12 sensors — to scan a person’s body and create a scanatar whose body dimensions match exactly those of the person being scanned. The scanatar may then be virtually dressed using Human Solutions’ Vidya simulation software.
According to Human Solutions, scan time is only one second; and the scanner system itself is compact, taking up only 3 square meters of space and weighing 30 kilograms. The company reports the bodyscanner is particularly suited for virtual try-on by customers in retail apparel stores.
May 20, 2014