TenCate Advanced Armor Launches Line Of Body Armor

Newark, Ohio-based TenCate Advanced Armor North America — a division of the Netherlands-based Royal
Ten Cate NV — has introduced a full line of personal protection products that offer improved
protection for law enforcement and military officers.

The line includes:

  • two soft body armor materials — TenCate Aramid-Shield™ 1000, a unidirectional aramid ballistic
    material; and TenCate Pro-Tector 1000, a woven aramid laminate multi-threat material;
  • the TenCate Themis™ family of five soft body armor inserts that protect against ballistic,
    fragmentation, spike and edged blades; and
  • the TenCate Cratus™ family of 14 hard body armor plates that protect against the complete range
    of handgun, edged blade, and rifle threats commonly seen in law enforcement and military
    operational environments.

“Using our advanced materials technology and armor design capabilities, we have developed a
full line of soft and hard body armor products that offer higher levels of life saving capabilities
than what is available on the market today,” said Mark Bajko, vice president and general manager,
TenCate Advanced Armor North America. “Our North American product line combined with our
comprehensive European personal protection products contribute and enhance our company’s mission of
protecting people and their working and living environment.”

August 6, 2013