Textile Manufacturer Runs On 100-Percent Solar Power, Launches New Brand Of Sustainably Produced, American Made Products

LAWRENCE, Mass. —April 04, 2013 —  Spector Textile Products, a well established textile
manufacturer in Lawrence, Massachusetts has taken the turn towards green production practices with
the installation of a 365 kilowatt solar power system for their manufacturing facility. Now, the
company is launching a new product line called USA MADE Laundry Bags, a brand of recyclable laundry
bags that are made with domestically sourced fabric and thread. In a market flooded with subpar
foreign imports, Spector Textile Products has created a product line that will give consumers what
they want. USA MADE Laundry bags are reasonably priced and environmentally friendly goods that are
produced in the USA.

USA MADE Laundry Bags raises the bar for textile manufacturers and distributors everywhere by
offering customers a cash rebate for returning worn out product(s). A $0.10 credit will be given
for each bag that is returned for recycling. The domestic nylon and thread that is used to make USA
MADE Laundry Bags is of the finest quality, giving Spector Textile Products the ability to offer a
12 month guarantee on the bags. If anything breaks or tears the customer can have it repaired or
replaced at no cost. With sustainability at the forefront of American values, Spector Textile
Products has used solar power and a recycling effort to drive an American made product that has
little to no carbon footprint.

“Spector Textile Products is committed to supporting American made products while using 100%
green solar energy. We are invested in our community, and provide jobs and opportunity for our
neighbors. Our USA MADE Laundry Bags are environmentally responsible and support what Americans
value most, sustainable living and a thriving US economy,” said Howard Spector, President of
Spector Textile Products.

For more than 15 years, Spector Textile Products has been manufacturing laundry bags and mesh
wash nets for the institutional laundry and dry cleaning trade. Over the last several years
however, the business has changed significantly. With half of the overseas textile plants closing,
it has been nearly impossible to get consistency in the color and quality of the nylon fabrics used
to make the laundry bags and nets. With the launch of USA MADE Laundry Bags, Spector Textile
Products is able to give their customers consistency of fabric and color – a must have for dry
cleaning and laundromat chains across the country.

“It only makes sense for us to move with the ebb and flow of the textile import business. In
this case, we have decided that the best thing to do for our customers is to create a product that
will meet their needs, at the lowest possible cost- both monetarily and environmentally. USA MADE
Laundry Bags meet our customer’s quality, consistency and sustainability requirements. Imports just
can’t do that right now,” said Howard Flagler, VP of Sales and Marketing at Spector Textile

In the wake of one of the worst economic downturns in American history, Spector Textile
Products’ President, Howard Spector has taken his family business to a new level. The company is
evolving right along side American values by investing in a solar powered facility, creating more
American made products and growing jobs for the Merrimack Valley.

Posted April 9, 2013

Source: PRNewswire